How To Measure Your Room 

Plan View

This is the view of your room as if you were looking down from your ceiling.

Draw an outline of the perimeter of your room.

Note where there are windows and door openings.

Note where there are any light fixtures on the ceiling.

Measure the length of each wall. Start in the corner and measure to the outer edge of the window or door frame. Then measure from there to the next outer edge of your window or door frame.  This will be your window width measurement. Then measure from that outer edge to the corner of your wall.

Be sure to include fireplace mantels, hearths, heater vents, and any permanent wall structures into your measurements.

Wall Elevations

This is the view of one of your walls as if you were standing directly in front of it. You will need to measure and draw one for each wall of your room.

Draw an outline of your wall.

Be sure to include any door and window openings that are on the wall.

Be sure to include the height of your ceiling (measure from your floor to your ceiling), the height of doorways (measure from your floor to the top of your door frame) and openings, and the height of windows (measure from the floor to the bottom edge of your window frame).

Note where your electrical outlets are placed, where any hardwired sconces are on the walls, and any heater vents etc.

How To Measure Furniture

If you have any existing furniture that you would like to keep and include in your new plan then please be sure to send us the measurements.


Measure the item length/width at the widest point from left to right.


Push the item against the wall and measure the distance from the wall the the front of the item.


Measure the item height to its highest point.


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