Design Brief 

Design Brief is a service I provide for those people that live outside the San Francisco Bay area or who just prefer to have a beautiful personalized design that they can manage themselves.  This is the perfect option for the cost conscious do-it-yourselfer. Design fees are based on time.  The more information you can gather and prepare, which eliminates my time measuring, taking pictures, and having on-site meetings, the more affordable your design becomes.  I focus my time on the actual design and plan and then deliver your Design Brief to you to start managing the implementation of the plan on your own time schedule.

All you need to do is provide me with all of the answers to the detailed questions outlined in my information package that I send out to you upon  payment of services.  This includes measurements, locations of windows and doors, digital pictures and a completed survey of your needs, lifestyle, and design style preferences. Once I receive your complete information package I begin work on your Design. Within six weeks of my receipt of your information, you will receive your Design Brief in the mail; your summary of all that you need to complete your chosen room transformation!  Your Design Brief should be complete and easy to understand however if you have additional questions pertaining to the plans you have received I would be happy to answer them via phone or e-mail.  Any additional services will be charged at my hourly consultation fee. 

What your Design Brief includes: 

1. Your custom inspiration board with images, sketches, fabric swatches, and paint chips, enabling you to visualize your final room design.

2. The detailed floorplan drawn to scale, with selected new and existing furniture and lighting placement.

3. Any additional samples, swatches, and paint chips that may not be included on your inspiration board.

4. A comprehensive list of resources to shop for all of the elements you need to complete your new room.

5. A list of do-it-yourself alternatives if you are handy, creative, and would like a bit more of a challenge.

6. Your systematic plan of action to pull everything together using your Design Brief.


What we need from you: 

1. We need the measurements of the space you are transforming.  Don't worry we have an easy guide to show you exactly how to measure.

2. Photos of your room which should include an overall picture, one looking toward each wall, showing windows and doors, a photo of the outside of your home or building which will give us an idea of the architectural style, and photos of  any existing furniture, lighting and artwork that you would like to work into your overall plan.

3. Measurements of the existing furniture and artwork that we are including in your design plan.

4. Tear sheets, magazine pictures, fabric swatches. and any other picture that you are either drawn to for any reason or you dislike for any reason with your notations as to what you like or dislike about those pictures or items.  

5. Your completed Design Brief Client Profile Questionnaire.

6. Your completed Room Survey.

7. Your payment based on the room/rooms that you would like transformed.

How To Measure   •   What To Photograph   •   Questionnaire   •   Room Surveys   •   Payment