That's how the official announcement for the 2013 Pantone color of the year describes it.

Every year Pantone announces their new color of the year. The color pick is intended to influence the particular time period it has been chosen for. Emerald is meant to "enhance our sense of well being and harmony" in 2013. I hope it works!

Pantone is a company known best for PMS, the Proprietary Matching System that originally only graphic designers used but is now widely used in all industries to insure that color matches are accurate.

I haven't used many greens in my own home, probably because my garden is a focus from many of the rooms and there is an abundance of green in my jungle (which I love). 

But I just may need to try out a splash of Emerald inside too, to enhance my sense of well being of course.

Whether a chair, vase, rug, pillow, or just a plant. Don't you think it looks lively?

This is a great throw pillow with a hint of Emerald...it would be beautiful in an otherwise neutral environment.
Have a great weekend...Lori