Remember the glossy white laminate shelves I found at Crate and Barrel Outlet for $7 each?  Well I added some rustic gnarly sandblasted grape wood legs and made one of them into a chic coffee table!

I find the juxtaposition of the slick white top with the grape wood branches very rich. I would place the table on either a dark ebony stained wood floor or a very light creamy white rug to help it stand out even more.

Here is how you can make your own:

Purchase at least 3 (that is what I used) and up to 6 grape wood branches. Use more for a heavier look or a larger table. You can find them at Blooms and Branches for about $19 each. 

Next, decide what you would like to use as the table top.  You can use a prefabricated shelf, paint a piece of plywood or use a piece of glass.

Once you have your grape wood, intertwine the wood pieces until you have a sturdy base that is locked together. 

Place the table top of your choice gently on the grape wood and Voila! 


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