You too can create a VERY dramatic incredible modern pendant light with 1000 coffee filters!

I've always been one for drama. One of these large lights over a simple dining table is all you need to create atmosphere.

You will need a 22" paper lantern, available at Pier 1 Imports or Pearl River and

approximately 1000 coffee filters (give or take 200).

Just take each coffee filter and fold it in half, then fold it in half again to create a center point.

Place the tip of your index finger in the center of the filter and pull the filter up around your finger to create your final form.

Then just start gluing each filter with a drop of hot glue on the center point (tip down) onto the paper lantern.

Start at the top of the lantern opening and work your way down the sides. You should glue the points of each filter about 1 inch apart.

As you work your way down the lantern, the filters start becoming more full and are propped up by the next one you glue on.

I actually worked with the lantern sitting on a chair. It gave me more leverage while gluing the filters down. 

As you get to the bottom opening, glue a flat filter over the opening so you can completely cover the bottom of the lantern. This will create a perfect orb.

After you have completely covered the lantern with filters, you can insert a simple socket/bulb set. I used one that I created with gold fabric covered electrical wire, a socket, and a canopy for the ceiling. This way I was able to hard wire the pendant in the ceiling electrical box.

I would recommend using a warm bright LED light bulb, as they last forever and they do not heat up. 

The quality of light is truly spectacular!