Have you ever wondered why your console table top either looks drab or is just unnoticeable? 

Wisteria Console

It could be that there isn't anything on it, but more likely that there are the wrong number of things on it.

Wisteria Console 

The rule of thumb in styling or designing a tablescape is to use an odd number of items. 

Instead of just having a pair of lamps (2), add two family photos and a bowl or vase (5).

Atlanta Showhouse 
It's also nice when some of the shapes relate. Round and oval shapes on one side, square and rectangular on the other.

So many things can be utilized to make an interesting and eye catching table top. A stack of interesting books, candles, candlesticks, plates, bowls, vases, pictures, a small collection of bottles, the possibilities are endless.

Next time you feel like freshening your home up, change your tabletop arrangement. It's like adding a fresh bouquet of flowers!