It's always nice to bring something along for the host and hostess of your holiday parties. You can even wrap a bow around this one as a gift for any occasion. 

Everyone can use a beautiful exotic hardwood cheese board!

Just visit your local specialty hardwood store. Most cities have one. In my case I visit MacBeath Hardwoods.

They usually have a scrap wood bin where you can purchase smaller pieces (that they call scrap) for approximately five to ten dollars per pound.

There are so many beautiful woods to choose from; Zebra Wood, Peruvian Alder, Cherry, Purple Heartwood.


Once you have chosen your piece, take it home and lightly sand the edges and top with a sanding pad. It only takes about 2 minutes.

Then rub in some mineral oil. This protects the wood and really brings out the beautiful colors in the grain.


After this step, I like to nail 4 small "feet" on the bottom of the board. They make the board slide more easily on a table and give it a nice finished look. I use Upholstery tacks for the feet. If the wood you have is particularly hard then drill a small hole about half the depth of your upholstery tack prior to nailing it in.

Voila! you are all finished and ready to impress your next party host!