You can get a fast fresh new look for your home for under $100.  

One way to do it is a fresh coat of paint, but that’s not fast and can sometimes run more (depending on how large your room is)


The quickest way to do it is a few new throw pillows for your couch.  This can usually get pricey, but I have found some fabulous, colorful, beautifully handmade pillows at bargain prices.


Lily Belles Garden - Etsy


It’s quick, easy, and you can change your look for all the seasons!


Not only that, you can be confident that your next door neighbor will not be sporting the same pillow on their couch.


 Nor can you find them in all the catalogues.  


These are all handmade, limited editions! 

 Living Room Cheryl Tiegs - C Magazine

You can even go crazy and put them all together for a colorful explosion too!