Last week I was invited to the first art exhibit of a young man I have known since he was in grade school. I was always enthralled by the projects he had going; all quite advanced and all taking huge amounts of patience. The end results were always incredible.

Pillars of Creation - Eagle Nebula 
After graduating from UC Davis Elliot went on to Hastings Law School in San Francisco where he will finish in June and take the BAR exam shortly thereafter. 

Creation Nebula

Seeing Elliot's art, close-up and in person, was an amazing experience. I don't think these photographs can really convey their true color, texture, and depth of feeling, but it is certainly worth trying! 

Desert From Above 
Where does your inspiration come from?
I get my inspiration from a really eclectic set of sources. Early on, I was heavily influenced by the French Impressionists, particularly the way they were able to convey so much while using simple brushstrokes. Over time, I started turning more abstract and began drawing on more modern styles. More recently, I have tried to develop my own style, which I like to think of as borderline schizophrenic. I spent a lot of time working on getting textures and moods to come through very rough brushwork and use of color.

Sunset At El Cap 
Regarding subject matter, I like to explore different conceptions of physical space, but always with a twist. For traditional landscapes, I try to infuse classic, serene scenes with a manic type of energy. But I also try to capture more unconventional spaces, or different ways of looking at our surroundings. I've found a lot of inspiration in pictures taken by the Hubble telescope and satellite images of earth.

Sunset on Fields 
What do you like about painting?
I really enjoy the process. I find it cathartic. I like attacking a painting using a meta and a micro approach, in that I am always conscious of the way I hold my brush, or how I drag it across the canvas, but at the same time picturing the end product. 

Mountain in Mist 
How long have you been working at this?
I don't think there has ever been a time in my life where I haven't been working on one project or another, but I began to seriously paint about four years ago.

Alaskan Bay 
Elliot's work is for sale. In fact, I would highly recommend investing in a piece now, because this gentleman is going places! The dimensions of his artwork vary from approx 24"x36" to 48"x 48" (some may be a bit larger) and they are currently priced from $300. to $500.

You can read more about Elliot and contact him through his website at
Have a great weekend!...Lori