If you've always wanted to get wild and crazy in a room but were afraid to, most designers would tell you to go wild in a small space (like a small powder room). Sounds fun doesn't it?


I know many people who yearn to do even a small space in a bright color or a crazy fun wallpaper but STILL can't commit themselves to even a phone booth sized powder room. THIS POST IS FOR YOU.


Why not try going wild in the safety of your own closet or in a small cabinet.


Just paint the Inside of a small cabinet or the back of a bookshelf with a fun paint color. After all, the books cover most of the paint. Only a hint of fun peeks out.


or glue on a wonderful wallpaper


or a few maps

Green Croc Wrap The Container Store 

Leopard Print Wrap The Container Store 

Cavallini Wrap The Paper Source 

Cavallini Wrap The Paper Source
or a fabulous and inexpensive gift wrap paper.

Gild it with gold or silver,


go sophisticated and crazy with all of those pennys you've saved...hot glue them on!

Can you imagine what a great surprise when your friends see you open the doors? You may just decide to keep those doors open.

Have fun and send me some pictures!