But it's not! It's a cross between a giant garage sale and a small flea market. Let me tell you, I have found some real jewels here over the past few years!

I'm talking about the "Antique Center" on the southern end of Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley. James Cross has been in business here for over 50 years. With the help of his mother Pamela, a retired interior designer, they find homes for many wayward chairs, end tables, lamps, mirrors, and more. 

Antique Chair...change the seat fabric and polish $25.

Pair of antique dining chairs...change the seat fabric, paint, and Voila! $45 for the pair.
There are too many things packed into this small space to begin to describe. Some of it not so lovely, some of it worth dusting off and re-finishing or painting, and some pieces that can be polished and used right away.

Old secretary...paint it glossy white for a child's room $200.
There is always something different. One day you may stop and see absolutely nothing... and the very next day the place has been refilled with all kinds of treasures. Like the Murano glass lamp I found for $25.

Pair of old crystal lamps...just need polishing and shades $50. 

It certainly isn't for the faint of heart. Be prepared to lift things, look under things, and turn really dusty things over--that is where your gem may be hiding!

Many, many mirrors...all shapes and sizes...paint the frames or not!
There are usually great deals sitting in front of the shop, piled on the sidewalk. Also, don't forget to walk down the right side (driveway) to the back yard where, depending on the day, there is tons of junk stuff!

Antiques Center (James and Pamela)
6519 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley, CA
Open Daily until 5 - Cash Only