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Ohmega Salvage and Urban Ore Redux

Posted by Janelle Renée on Tuesday, March 29, 2011, In : Second-hand shops 
On Saturday, Lori and I braved the rain to check out Ohmega Salvage in Berkeley. Like Urban Ore, they mostly sell reclaimed architectural elements like doors, window, sinks, tubs, and even furniture. According to their blog, they recently received a shipment of antiques from France.

The rain and cold wind urged us to walk briskly through, but I did notice that Ohmega has a very large inventory of glass shades. I was pleased to find a whole rack of them marked "free".

Below, some not-so-free sha...

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I Found A New Home!

Posted by Lori Pepe-Lunche on Thursday, March 24, 2011, In : Second-hand shops 

Home 101 Urban General Store.  It’s a great new little shop on the sleepy south end of Shattuck Avenue in Downtown Berkeley.  The owners, Hadley Salz and Allison Etchison, have a keen eye for vintage chic and reuseable items. Their eclectic mix of wares includes vintage china and crystal, furniture such as chairs, desks, and cabinets as well as candles, jewelry, tea towels, and more!  


Here is one of their tables I wish I could find a home for.

This would make a wonderful small coffee ...

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Let There Be Light!

Posted by Lori Pepe-Lunche on Tuesday, March 22, 2011, In : DIY (Do It Yourself) Projects 

Last week at the Alameda Antiques Market and Faire I found a fun fish basket (panier de poissons) that I thought would make a great pendant light. It’s a unique shape and material, and it should cast a very interesting light through the metal wire which will create fun shadows on the wall. Making a pendant light is VERY EASY to do. You can transform almost anything into a pendant once you know the basics. So here’s how!

Materials you will need:

 1. 3 feet or longer piece of covered wire

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Fabulous Farmers Market Orchids

Posted by Lori Pepe-Lunche on Thursday, March 17, 2011, In : Flowers 

Every Saturday at the Berkeley Farmers Market on Center Street, the orchid man sits with his huge stand of lovely orchids.  He has large ones and small ones, most for only $10.


Orchids are a wonderful plant to have as a floral arrangement.  They are simple, sophisticated, and colorful all at the same time.  What is even better is the blooms can last for up to two months, and you only have to really water them well every two weeks!

Here is one way to take 2 of those orchid plants and really ...

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Antique Faire at Alameda Point

Posted by Janelle Renée on Tuesday, March 15, 2011, In : Second-hand shops 

The first Sunday of every month one of the largest antique shows in California takes place in Alameda... unless that first Sunday is a rainy day as Lori and I discovered on March 6th. Fortunately for us, the Alameda Point Antiques Faire has a "rainout rollover" policy and the show gets postponed to the following Sunday.

Although there were fewer vendors at the rollover event this past Sunday than on a usual faire Sunday, Lori and I spotted many great finds.

Above is a pair of cane chairs for $...

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Salvaged Treasures at the Salvation Army

Posted by Janelle Renée on Friday, March 11, 2011, In : Second-hand shops 

Today marks the 131st year that the Salvation Army has been operating in the US. Like many of the first Americans, it too originated from England.

Lori and I visited the Salvation Army Store on Webster St. in Downtown Oakland a few weeks ago.  I was still on my hunt for a bookshelf and a table for my sacred space.

Thrift store shopping is inevitably a hit-or-miss experience. This time, it was a hit! Well, at least a partial hit.  I found a little table in excellent condition and of good quality...
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Spotlight On...Photographer, Muffy Kibbey

Posted by Lori Pepe-Lunche on Tuesday, March 8, 2011, In : Photographer 

Walking into a beautifully designed room, you instantly feel the warmth and personality of the homeowner.  You should feel at ease and comfortable sitting down.  However capturing this on film is a completely different story, no matter how wonderful the design is.  This takes many years of experience, knowledge, and talent. After several failed attempts to photograph my own designs, I needed help and was introduced to Muffy.  She has since photographed many of my designs, some of which have a...

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Freshen Up...For only $6.

Posted by Lori Pepe-Lunche on Friday, March 4, 2011, In : Flowers 

All the spring blossoming branches are here, but only for a couple more weeks. The fastest and easiest way to make your home feel fresh and beautiful is with flowers.  Having guests? Don’t have time to dust? No problem.  A simple arrangement will distract and disguise most anything.  

Blossoming Branches are the easiest.  There are several at the flower shops right now; Cherry Blossoms, Redbud, Pussy Willow, and more.

Just grab a bunch,

Clip the ends off the branches and then split them wit...

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