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Talk To You Soon

Posted by Lori Pepe-Lunche on Thursday, July 19, 2012,

Originally I was planning on sharing some fun posts with you...but this is where I am...

and I just can't seem to bring myself to get out of the water!

So I'll have some great new things for you as soon as I'm back from my really relaxing about 2 weeks!

I hope you're all having a great summer...Lori

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Poetic Art

Posted by Lori Pepe-Lunche on Saturday, July 14, 2012, In : DIY (Do It Yourself) Projects 

If you've been following my blog for any length of time, you know that I love big pieces of art...specifically big canvases.

They can so easily make a big statement on an empty wall or in a very neutral or white room. 

Here is another idea for you to do yourself. Go down to the 1 cent canvas sale at Aaron Brothers, purchase a BIG canvas, Paint the whole thing one color (you could paint it black or fuschia, or your favorite color), and then paint one of your favorite pieces of poetry on it. Don...
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Posted by Lori Pepe-Lunche on Thursday, July 12, 2012, In : New Shops 

It's a must go and see in San Francisco! Cavalier

Jay Jeffers, the hottest interior designer in SF right now, and his partner Michael Purdy, who is the principal of Purdystyle, an independent consulting firm focusing on brand and product development for the creative community, have opened their new retail shop right in front of Jeffer's interior design firm's offices.

 They have a fabulous collection of eclectic wares and furnishings for the home and they continue to fill their sho...

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Freshening Up The Old Outdoor Iron

Posted by Lori Pepe-Lunche on Saturday, July 7, 2012, In : DIY (Do It Yourself) Projects 

One of my clients was ready to spiff up her yard for some fabulous outdoor entertaining with this incredible weather we've been having. So instead of getting rid of all the very old iron furniture she had, we freshened it up and added a bit more!

This is what it all looked like when we started this project; old, rusted, and certainly not very appealing.

But with a little elbow grease, a sanding sponge, and a metal brush, we just cleaned off the rust and grime and readied it to be prettied up ...
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Fireworks On The 4th

Posted by Lori Pepe-Lunche on Wednesday, July 4, 2012, In : Recipe 

Time to set off the tastebud fireworks!

One of my favorite dishes that will surely set them off at this time of year, 

with the incredible heirloom tomatoes

and basil

and garlic

and olive oil available fresh at the farmers market,

is Bruschetta!

So easy to make too! Just thinly slice or chop the tomatoes, garlic, and basil...pour a bit of olive oil on top, and you're ready to place some of this delicious stuff on top of a thin slice of garlic rubbed, toasted, sour baguette. The only problem is, ...
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