After the holidays I put my succulent wreath back up on the front door...but it's grown, gotten a little leggy, and was in need of a facelift! 



Not wanting to add more succulents, I thought I'd do something even easier and more interesting...Tillandsia's! This was super easy and added another texture which I always like to do.

I just clipped off all of the dry and dead leaves

and played with the placement of the new Tillandsia elements.

Once I settled on their individual spots I just tucked their root areas under a succulent branch or under the wreath netting. Remember, Tillandsias don't root anywhere, they are air plants so as long as they are anchored securely, there is no need to do any digging or planting.

Before hanging my new and improved living wreath I just placed it on a platter, watered it generously, and let it soak in the water for a few hours. All I have to do now is soak it once a week.