If you're ready to switch up your bedroom a bit, try a new headboard! Here are some easy, inexpensive, and creative ways to do it yourself!

This is an old head and footboard you can find at an old junk shop, flea market, or antique shop. All you need to do is paint it. This one has been totally modernized in black with the blue stripe down the center.

Another idea would be to make your own tufted headboard. You can make your own traditional curved style, but why not go big and sophisticated. Also easier because there are no curves in the shape. I'll be making one of these with one of my teen clients in the next couple of weeks so I'll post a tutorial for you then.

You can make this one easily. It has a lower profile and no tufting (less work) and you can use lightweight foam insulation board to staple your fabric to. Just be sure to extend the headboard at least 2-3 feet past each side of your bed. This gives it a modern, streamlined look.

If you are constantly dreaming of traveling, why not keep the maps of your travels at your head at night...literally! just paste your maps to foam insulation boards, put a couple coats of Mod Podge on top, and hang them together as a headboard at the head of your bed.


For a bit more rustic look, use 1 or 2 shipping pallets. either whitewash, paint or stain them.

What would you do?...Lori