This chic little desk could not be much easier to make yourself.

All you need is some welded wire fencing (the kind that is used to make rabbit cages or backyard fencing). You can find it at your local hardware store. 

It comes in several widths. I would recommend using the 24" width for a desk or console table. If you would like a higher table, you'll need to purchase the 36" width fencing and cut it down to the size you prefer.
Unroll your fencing.

Decide on the diameter of your wire columns and figure the measurement around that (the circumference).
Measure and cut 2 pieces of fencing, (the circumference measurement) leaving an additional 1/2" of wire at the ends (past the grid square) so that when you roll your fencing into a column you can then bend and wrap that 1/2" of fencing around the other end with some pliers to secure the two edges together.

Ikea Antonius Desk Top 
Once you have chosen your tabletop, center it on top of the two columns you have just made and trace a line around the columns onto the under side of your table top.

Remove your top, turn it upside down and stick 3 to 4 pieces of heavy duty velcro that are approximately 1 1/2" long crossing each traced circle.

Place the top back onto the two columns and secure it by taking the other side of the velcro and fastening the columns to the top. This also makes it easy to take your desk or table apart when you need to move it! 

Have fun!...Lori