I stopped by one of my favorite haunts today, Urban Ore, looking through lots of other people's trash, always looking for treasures.


It is a very LARGE, old, rusted and warm ring with a very soft feel.

It's about 48 inches in diameter, the band is about 3 inches wide and it is a very heavy gauge steel.

It would look incredible just hanging on a stark white wall (very modern...rustic yet minimalist).

Imagine a beautiful rusted steel circle above this sofa,

on your mantel,



It would also look fantastic mounted and sitting on the floor out in front of a wall or even a window. It would frame the view.

Another beautiful setting would be the garden.


Sculptures are stunning in a garden if placed appropriately.

Most of these would cost a fortune. This one has a history, patina, and a great story, all for only $145.
 My only dilemma is it doesn't fit in my little car!...Someone should have this!