It took me a while to decide what colors I wanted to paint the spools that I found at the construction site last week.

I finally settled on green and grey which would blend with all of the other yard and deck colors but not be too wild.

First I primed the spools with Zissner spray primer,

then after waiting a half hour I sprayed the top and center column with my favorite Krylon indoor/outdoor paint in a lime green (they call it Ivy).

After waiting another half hour I taped the center column with blue painters tape and paper (to insure the grey overspray would not get on the green column) and proceeded to spray the bottom round with the Grey Krylon indoor/outdoor paint.

After another half hour of dry time, I pulled the painters tape and paper off the center column and this spool was done. I then painted the next spool in the same fashion, just alternating the colors.

Voila! This had to be the simplest project I have attempted.

Now I have two outdoor occasional tables that I can put food, books, and feet on! They'll even serve as stools in the event I need more outdoor seating.

What do you think?...Lori