Last week I visited
Aaron Brothers for some great frames for kids art. At the same time, I picked up a few canvases that are also on sale through 1 get 1 for one cent. It's the perfect time to create a colorful masterpiece.  

Either you or your child can do it...or you can all make a fun project out of it.

There are two easy ways to make a colorful masterpiece.

The first one is the fastest and most fun. All you need to do is channel your inner Jackson Pollock!

Blick Art Supply carries all the paint you need to do the job. You can even practice on the Jackson Pollock App for the iPad, iTouch, and iPhone. (It's fun!)

If you choose to leave the background white, then go on to the next step. If you would like a color in the background, just paint your entire canvas with one shade of Liquitex Heavy Body paint in the tube.

Once your background color is dry (approx. 30 minutes), choose your drip colors from the assortment of Golden Fluid Acrylics in the squeeze bottles. These happen to be the same paints that Jackson Pollock used. Lay your canvas flat on the ground or a low table and start squeezing your first color on in circles or zig zag patterns...really anything works. Give your first color a chance to set (about 30 minutes) and go on to your next color.

Use as many colors as you like, as in this Pollock piece (above).  

If you prefer a more sophisticated or muted look, go with only 3 or 4 shades of the same color. The picture above is one that is just done in shades of gray.


My son created these (above).

The second, and also very easy way to create a focal point and add a bit of interest to a room, is to use either one or two colors to create a solid color block...

or one with a few geometric shapes involved.

You can use the Liquitex Acrylic Heavy Body paint in the tube for this.

You can either paint a solid color,

Or use different brush strokes (vertical and horizontal) to create a varied texture with 2-3 colors.

Mine isn't quite finished, but here is the work in progress.

Have fun...and have a great weekend!