There are many rules of design, most of which are meant to be broken.

It is still good to know some of the basic rules though, which more often than not, are a good standard to use.

Here are just a few...


When deciding on window treatment, whether drapes or roman shades, by hanging them as close to the ceiling as possible you can actually make your ceiling appear to be higher than it is and the room look larger than it is. It's all an illusion. As you will find, most design tricks are.



A dining room chandelier should be at least 30" above the dining room table and no more than 36" to allow your dinner guests to see each other but also have a cozy intimate feel.


Sconces are usually hung at approximately 60" above the floor. They can be used over fireplace mantles, dining room buffets, and even in bathrooms. Try an industrial sconce in your bathroom for a more interesting look!