Water is one thing I drink throughout the day. 

I get tired of regular tap water and much prefer bubbly water. 

I'll even add bubbly (seltzer) water to a bit of lemonade or orange juice for a refreshing drink in the afternoon. The kids love it too! It's just like an italian soda with half the sugar. 

A few years ago I decided to invest in my own seltzer water bottles. I was tired of filling the recycle bin with so many plastic bottles.

I always have a bottle of bubbly water on the dinner table and my guests always ask where I got my Seltzer bottle and are very curious as to how it works. Invariably I send them home with a web link to order their own.

I keep 2 bottles in the fridge at all times so that I have a back-up when one runs out.

There are 2 types of Seltzer bottles; glass bottles with wire mesh and aluminum bottles. I prefer the glass and wire mesh bottles. They have an old world classic yet sophisticated charm.


This particular polished stainless steel bottle is pretty sexy as well.

You just need to stay stocked with CO2 cartridges, as each quart needs to be "juiced" with 1 cartridge. The cartridges are readily available at your local Sur La Table or you can also order them online. It's still less expensive than buying bottles of bubbly at the store and you have an instant conversation piece!

Directions for use:

1. Fill your seltzer bottle to the indicated line with regular tap or filtered water.

2. Place your filled bottles in the refrigerator to cool the water.

3. Once the water is cool, place your CO2 cartridge in the holder, screw it in, and watch and listen while the CO2 is suddenly released into the water bottle.

4. Unscrew your cartridge from the bottle, shake your bottle about 5-10 times prior to filling your glasses.

Voila!....You now have designer bubbles!