Can you guess what this is?

When I first layed eyes on it I thought it was an amazing art installation,

but actually, it is a functional wall treatment that randomizes sound waves.

This one is in the most incredible recording studio I have ever seen, 25th Street Recording in Oakland.

All of the posts and beams are reclaimed fir,

the floor is reclaimed fir that was originally stadium seating back in the midwest,

the brick walls are all original to the building, which used to be an old auto body shop.

Now the building is a state of the art recording studio that most people would move into in a second. It was built by Dave Lichtenstein (son of Roy Lichtenstein) who is an engineer and musician himself. The floor of the recording rooms are built on springs so that any vibration at all (such as large trucks passing by the building) will not affect the sound recording.

I was lucky enough to spend a day in this studio last weekend, as my son and his band, The Blondies, have started to record their first album. I'm super proud of them, they are a talented and lovely group of young gentleman. They have just launched a Kickstarter Campaign in order to complete their album, If you're interested in checking them out, go here to see a great video of them.

25th Street Recording was built to be a world class facility that would allow and afford new, young talent as well as seasoned musicians a space to get the best recordings possible, and it shows! The staff and the management are incredible people.

Have a great week...Lori