A few weeks ago I found a butcher block top at the Crate and Barrel Outlet which had been part of an island that was damaged. I have always wanted more butcher block counter space (on a small island) but never found the right size at the right price for my small kitchen. The one I found was perfect at 42” by 21”.  The question then for me was, what should I do for a base?

I figured it out…and I don’t think anyone has anything like it.  You can do it too!

All you need are some nuts, bolts, washers, and 1 1/2” by 1 1/2” shelf supports from the hardware store.

I know, this is starting to look like an Erector Set. Don’t worry, it will look nothing like an Erector Set when I’m done!

Measure your top (butcher block) and use 2 shelf supports 1” less than the length, and 2 shelf supports 1” less than the width, to form a rectangle. You may need to do some cuts with a hacksaw on your own. It will strengthen your triceps.

Place the long supports on your work surface parallel to each other.

Place your short supports perpendicular to the long brackets over each end. Be sure to snug the ends up so that they are flush.


Once you have fit the supports together in a rectangle, slide a flat washer onto a bolt and slide it through the corner hole (from the flat side). Once it is through, slide a lock washer onto the bolt and then a nut. 

Go ahead and bolt the other 3 corners.  Once you are finished, use a wrench and a screwdriver to tighten the bolts while aligning the rectangle with a builders square to make sure all the corners are square.


You can now set your first rectangle aside and create one more rectangle of the same size.

Now take a break, have a great weekend, and we’ll finish this on Tuesday! 

Materials List:

Steel slotted angle 1 ½ ‘” x 1 ½” shelf supports

Bolts and nuts ½-20 x ½”

Flat washers ½”

Flat lock washers ½”

Bucher block top