I left off last time with a completed frame with a butcher block top firmly attached.  I decided to put casters on my Butcher Block (just in case I need it out of the way in a hurry).


To do this, either cut a piece of wood the same width and length as the frame that is sitting on the floor (this will also give you a bottom shelf) or just cut 2 pieces of wood the same width as your frame, but only about 4 inches long.  I opted for the latter as I thought that I would prefer to have this space open.

Lay the wood flat on the bottom frame and attach to the frame with a total of 4 wood screws--one on each outer corner that you screw into the wood from under the frame, and one on each inner corner that you will screw in horizontally through the leg of the frame.

Turn your table upside down, and using wood screws, attach the casters to the corners of the wood.

Turn your table right side up. Now you’re ready for the fun part.  

At this point you can either use leather strapping, nylon cord, a decorative steel or copper panel. Most anything would probably look great.  I decided to use ¼ inch natural twisted sisal rope to create decorative woven side panels.  I like the industrial yet soft look of galvanized steel, wood, and sisal together.

Start at the bottom of your side frame. Tie the end of your rope to the inside of the frame and start weaving in and out of the two legs.

Bring the rope around the outside of the left leg,

Pull the end under the piece that you just brought around,

Pull it tight.

Bring the same rope up and over to the right leg, pull it around, and then under.

Keep going until you run out of rope (and you will about every 100 feet)

Now it is time to attach your next length of rope.

I attached mine by overlapping 1 inch of rope and wrapping it with a bit of duct tape.  It should hold well.  Always add your next length of rope on the inside (or back) of your side panel.

I used about 400 feet of rope on one side panel, so I had 3 spots where I had to attach my next length of rope. Once you get to the top, just tie your last piece of rope off on the inside of your frame.

OK… Here it is!  It looks great in the kitchen and is totally unique.