Long before I spotted this fabulous table in Rachel Roy's Manhattan Studio, I had picked up a slab of Teak root with this very design in mind. This was just the spark I needed to make it happen. You can do it too! Here's how:

First find a Teak root slab and go to the hardware store or lumber yard and pick up a 36" length of 1"x12" Pine. You can find the Teak at Save On Crafts.

Next cut two lengths of 1'x12" to the height of the table that you would like (I cut mine 18" long).

To make the table a bit more chic and modern, I painted a 2" strip at the bottom of what would become the legs. Measure 2" up from what will be the bottom of your legs, tape, and cover the upper portion with an old plastic grocery bag which will protect the rest of the wood from overspray.

Spray the exposed 2" bottoms with black spraypaint. I sprayed on two coats of black (let dry between coats).


Once dry you can stand your legs up in the shape of a T and connect them by drilling 2 pilot holes and then screwing 2 wood screws in to the top of the T.

When everything is secure, you can quickly stain the unpainted portion of your wood. I used Minwax in "Driftwood". Two coats of stain did the trick (follow the directions on the can).

After allowing the stain to completely dry (8 hours) you're ready to place the Teak top onto your T leg and Voila!...You are now just as chic as Rachel Roy! 

It might be fun to have two of these tables; one at 18" tall and one slightly lower at 14".