I was really getting tired of looking at the mess on my door knob. I come home from working out and throw my stuff on the door knob. I come in from the cold and throw my jacket on the knob...Clearly too much stuff on the knob! My bedroom looks so much nicer without this mess.

My remedy? 3 more door knobs on the back of the door.

Actually they are drawer knobs! I really didn't want hooks, I'm just tired of the hook look I guess.

I purchased three brass drawer knobs at the hardware store.

They each come with a screw and a face plate.

The face plate I liked but clearly the screw wouldn't work as I did not want to drill a hole completely through the door.

This is easily solved by picking up 3 "hanger bolts" at the hardware store that fit the threads of the knob.

You just screw the blunt end of the hanger bolt into your drawer knob and then you are ready to screw your drawer knob directly into the back of your door.

I wanted 3 on the back so I measured and marked 3 equidistant spots, drilled a starter hole, placed the face plate on, and then screwed the knob through the hole in the faceplate and into the door.

This definitely qualifies for the easiest and most satisfying (and stylish) home organization project in a very long time!

Have a great weekend...Lori