Bolts and bolts of fabric...

If you live in the Bay Area and sew, you are probably no stranger to Discount Fabrics.

One of its two locations is just a block away from Urban Ore in Berkeley. The other one is in San Francisco. I have not yet been to the one in San Francisco, but according to Christine Allen, the selection is impressive and "huge".

Beautiful and inspiring fringe.
Marked: "Regular price of $29/yard; Discount Fabric price: $19/yard"

The store in Berkeley isn't huge, but the selection is good. Rarely have I walked out of there without fabric for at least one project, and usually I left with additional fabric because they inspired new projects.

I will always feel a fond affection for Discount Fabrics, because when I was a beginner sewer with ambitious projects, the customer service was patient and helpful. I was happy to find that this is generally the rule with most fabric stores.

Tie backs, extra-large tassels, or whatever you want to call them,
are priced from $5 to $30 and up, each.

Fabric stores are also a great place to visit if you ever find yourself feeling creatively blocked. Browsing through aisles of fabrics with their various colors, textures and possibilities always gets my creative juice flowing.

Discount Fabrics, Berkeley
3006 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 548-2981

Discount Fabrics, San Francisco
201 11th St, San Francisco
(415) 495-4201