One of my secret sources for unique and beautiful fabrics is right in Berkeley!


Laura & Kiran Colorloom Fabrics are not only colorful, but also hand dyed and embroidered with great care with the traditional textile techniques in India. Here are some of my favorites.





Laura and Kiran both met and married in India and moved back to the states to bring us their colorful contemporary designed products and texiles.

Their collection of stripes is unbelievable!

 If you are in need of some special fabric for pillows, drapes, upholstery, or that special accent, just stop by the Laura & Kiran studio. Their large selection of fabrics are very reasonably priced and they even have a regular sale section where you can find more lovely yardage!

Laura & Kiran Retail Store
1425 4th Street (entrance on Page)
Berkeley, CA 94710