Make your own!


Flowers are such an easy way to brighten up your home for fall, especially with some deep, bright, warm colors.

I picked up a length of scrap metal screen at the local junk re-use yard (Urban Ore) and it was just the thing to get my creative vase making juices going. 

I was picturing a long, low arrangement, and this made it work. I just took 3 short (about 4 inches) fat jars, 

placed them on top of a piece of scrap wood that I had,


wound the scrap metal screen under the wood first (to anchor it) and then up and around the perimeter of the wood bottom until I achieved the height I desired (about 9" high).

Then I rolled the top edge in a bit by easily bending it so that I would have a narrower opening to keep the flower stems from falling too far over.

All I did at this point was fill my jars with water, place them in my new wire container and start filling them with greens.

First I put some green shrubbery leaves in that I picked from the backyard, then I placed some green Asparagus fern branches in (3), then some Spider Plant tendrils. Remember to always put the greens in first as they act as a structure to hold your flowers in place.

After placing all the greens, I just mixed some orange Tulips and red and fuchsia Gerbera Daisies.

Voila!..This should last for a good 2 weeks if I keep the water fresh.