I certainly can. I needed a new finial for my lamp which had been missing one for what seems like years!

I decided to do something different instead of the same old little finial that no one ever pays attention to. Here's how I did it.

I just went to the local hardware store...the one that carries lamp parts (mine was Berkeley Ace Hardware), and picked up a finial with prongs just waiting for something to grab on to.

Next, I stopped at my local bead store (Baubles and Beads) and chose a rusty brown colored crystal. There were several to choose from, all different colors.

The first thing I did was spread the prongs out in order to place glue inside the finial (at the inside base of the prongs).

Then I squeezed a small pea size drop of E6000 glue in there and waited about 1 minute (allowing the glue to set a bit) before placing my crystal on top of the glue.

I adjusted the crystal to be sure it was in the correct spot and let it sit for 24 hours.

After the glue dried, I just took my small needle nose pliers and bent the prongs back up around the crystal.

Voila! I was finished with this VERY simple project that will add a little spark to my lamp. 

Little things can make a difference!

Have a great weekend...Lori