On the quiet part of Solano Avenue in Albany there lives a nursery that has been there for years. It was a sleepy little spot with nothing unusual going on until...Voila! Three years ago Carly Dennett bought this little nursery and turned it into a magical spot... the new Flowerland.


With her background in professional gardening, her lifetime love of nurseries, and her merchandising experience, she continues to morph this place into more than a nursery; a place for creative ideas, beautiful and unusual plants, and gifts for the home.


The Flowerland staff are very creative and helpful as well.


This is Hector carefully placing small and delicate air plants (Tillandsia's)  in one of his terrarium creations that are sold in the shop as well as available for custom order.


Carly has just built all new planter beds for the new spring arrivals, so I'm looking forward to going back when it's time for me to spruce up the garden.


Meanwhile, I was so inspired by Hector's arrangements and wanting to try my hand at Epiphytes ever since my return from Costa Rica (where they're even growing on the telephone wires...everything...and I mean everything is green there) that I made a purchase of several Tillandsia's for a DIY that I'll post for you on Tuesday morning.  

Apparently you either keep them in the bathroom (where it's moist) or spray them with a mister once a week and they'll live forever! That's my kind of plant.

Definitely stop by Flowerland and say hello to Hector, Georgia, and Carly.

1330 Solano Avenue
Albany, CA 94706
M, W, Th, F, Sat 9-5:30
Sun 10-5
Closed Tuesday