All the spring blossoming branches are here, but only for a couple more weeks. The fastest and easiest way to make your home feel fresh and beautiful is with flowers.  Having guests? Don’t have time to dust? No problem.  A simple arrangement will distract and disguise most anything.  

Blossoming Branches are the easiest.  There are several at the flower shops right now; Cherry Blossoms, Redbud, Pussy Willow, and more.

Just grab a bunch,

Clip the ends off the branches and then split them with your clippers (this allows the branches to absorb more water and stay fresh longer)


Pop them in a vase filled with luke warm water (add a teaspoon of bleach to keep the water fresh longer)


Place them just about anywhere. In the middle of your coffee table, dining table, kitchen……the possibilities are endless!

There are a wide variety of prices on branching blossoms (most are from $15. To $25. a bunch).  But right now, Eraj at Ashby Flowers in front of Whole Foods Market on the corner of Telegraph and Ashby in Berkeley will give you a wonderful bunch of extra tall Cherry Blossom branches (above) for only $6. to $7!