One of my clients was ready to spiff up her yard for some fabulous outdoor entertaining with this incredible weather we've been having. So instead of getting rid of all the very old iron furniture she had, we freshened it up and added a bit more!

This is what it all looked like when we started this project; old, rusted, and certainly not very appealing.

But with a little elbow grease, a sanding sponge, and a metal brush, we just cleaned off the rust and grime and readied it to be prettied up a bit.

We chose some incredible colors of Rustoleum spray paint and sprayed all the pieces a different color.

Aren't they great?

The iron pieces are scattered throughout the large meandering garden along with a few beautiful sculptures and some additional pieces of furniture that we purchased to augment the seating.


You can find old iron furniture at the flea market, at yard sales, and if your lucky, as castoffs on the curb just waiting for a new home.

Have a great weekend...Lori