One option would be to move, however this family bought the house for the perfect neighborhood. Sometimes all a home needs is a good canvas to start with. The house was plain and lacked even the simplest architectural elements.



 With the addition of some simple architectural details and comfortable furnishings the family has fallen in love with their home!

Just adding built-in book shelves in the living room as well as crown molding, nice high baseboard molding, and paneling on the lower quarter of the walls downstairs makes a HUGE difference and is surprisingly inexpensive to do.


If you are willing to put in some work yourself, it could be a do-it-yourself project.

The fireplace started as a very generic and outdated 70's style flat box.

We transformed it into the focal point of the living room by extending it out from the wall all the way to the ceiling, adding some paneling, and finishing it off with a fabulous Pietro Grigio stone facade that angles into the box as a very simple yet sophisticated detail.

Adding sconces for lighting on either side highlights everything. 


This is the Dining Room, transformed with just paint, drapes, and pendant lights.

There's always a way to transform a blah house...Just let me know if you need any help!