I've always loved the Greek Laurel wreath (crest) of ancient times and thought it would be a fun and simple project for a slightly different take on the traditional holiday version. It's straight forward and simple yet elegant.

Materials you will need: 
  • Approximately 3 small Magnolia tree branches
  • 2 pieces of cardboard
  • Glue gun with hot glue sticks
  • Gold leaf or gold acrylic paint
  • fishline to create loops for hanging

First, cut out 2 crescent shaped pieces of cardboard. They should be about one to two inches smaller than the final size you'd like to have as a finished wreath. I made my two pieces about 24 inches in length and 5 inches wide at it's widest.

Then overlap the bottom of the two crescents and attach them with hot glue.

Next you will be attaching your Magnolia leaves. Start with the top of the wreath and hot glue one leaf to the center of each top side.

Then alternate the leaves by gluing one to the right of the center and then glue one to the left of the center, each time overlapping the leaves.

Continue gluing the leaves, starting at the center again (then right, then left) until you have almost made it to the bottom of the first side.

Stop about 3 inches from the bottom center and before continuing, glue a piece of your Magnolia branch (approximately 6 inches long) to the cardboard. Half the branch should be glued to the bottom of the crescent, while the other half hangs diagonally down past the cardboard.

Continue gluing leaves on until the cardboard is covered but the branch is visible. Then complete the other side of the wreath in the same way, glue the branch on to that side being sure to cross the branches at the bottom of your wreath.

Once complete, I just fill in a few places by slipping in some extra leaves with hot glue to make it a bit more full. Next turn your wreath over, tape and then hot glue a loop (made from fishline) to the back top of each side of the wreath.

Turn your wreath back over and add the finishing (Midas) touch...apply a bit of liquid gold leaf or gold acrylic paint to the edges of each leaf.

Voila! You now have a new holiday look!

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Have a great weekend!