I’m always on the lookout for great ideas for recycling. Especially for those materials that NEVER breakdown and are needlessly swamping our landfill and ocean water. Sometimes you can find really clever and beautiful home furnishings, accessories, and jewelry that are quite unique.

Hatch, in Montclair Village, is dedicated to sustainable living.  There is something for all ages, including great little soft stuffed animals made out of old recycled plastic bottles, to fabulous messenger bags, and a few home accessories.

This large vase/container made out of recycled tires would be a hit in an empty corner with some Manzanita branches (as they have done) or a large plant.  You could even put it in your front entry to throw shoes in!

These recycled glass bottles are really nice used as accents on a console table or in the middle of dining table.


Platters to hang, made out of old chain links and gears.

Some of my favorite things were these bags fabricated from old bike tire tubes. They have a fantastic soft leather feel with a really edgy look.

The belts out of old bike tire tubes were also pretty chic!

Another one of my favorite re-useable items is pop tops from soda cans.  They look so great, you usually can’t tell what they are. Plus, they don’t tarnish and are really light weight.  Hatch not only has purses and wallets, but they also carry fabulous bracelets and necklaces made out of pop tops as well.

Luniva, the lovely young women who is modeling this fun license plate bag, is usually there to help you.



2054 Mountain Blvd.

Oakland, CA 94611



Monday –Saturday 10:30-7:30

Sunday 10:00-7:00