There is so much rich architectural and design history in my Berkeley neighborhood. 

On my Sunday walk I visited one treasure I have been meaning to explore for far too long.

Rooms started at $14. a month!
The International House at The University of California in Berkeley has been hosting students from all over the world since it opened with the funding and support of John D. Rockefeller in 1930. It was the first coed housing program west of the Mississippi which included foreigners, "whites", and people of color under one roof. There was much resistance nationally and within the community at the time to this radical thinking. However this became the place where people of every color and nationality felt comfortable living and sharing ideas.

Architect George Kelham is responsible for this colonial revival masterpiece. The interior design details reflect the Moorish influence of spanish culture with

iron chandeliers,

balconies and sunken patios,

and the hand painted details that you will find in the tiles


 and on the ceilings.

This beautiful building is really impressive! If you ever have a minute and are in the area, you can stop by the cafe for a cappuccino and enjoy it yourself.

Me? I feel a do-it-yourself chandelier project coming on!