Naturally! Garland (a mass of plant material) is the basis for most holiday decor, whether it is wired together or just strategically placed on your mantle, in the middle of your dining table, or hanging from your light fixtures.

It's nice to match your holiday decor with the environment in which you are living. For example;  in Hawaii place a shell wreath on your door but in Alaska use antlers, decorative snowdrifts, and large pine boughs!

Use what is abundant in your particular area during the holidays, whether it's pinecones, driftwood, or fruit.

Lots of citrus is bright, colorful, creates a wonderfully fragrant atmosphere, and is readily available in the orchards and the grocery stores.

Clementines, tangerines, satsumas ,lemons, kumquats (which are small and lightweight), and pomegranates can make a beautiful statement in garland, on your mantle, or in a tablescape.

The greens should also be available in your area.




Eucalyptus, pine, boxwood, citrus greens, or olive branches (if your lucky enough to live in the Napa Valley or another Mediterranean climate) are all very decorative.

To add a little sparkle, just spray some twigs, branches, or nuts gold or silver and throw them into the mix!

A Couple of Quick Gift Ideas

I came across these yesterday and thought I'd share them with you...

For the watch collector/minimalist in your life this "Mysterious Black Watch" is a great deal for $35. on Etsy

This sweet "Chunky Rhinestone Bracelet" will go with anything and it's only $10. on Etsy. Two are shown in the above image (available in black or natural).

Happy decorating...Lori