Here are my seashells now! 
That I've collected over the past few years. The only shells that I didn't collect from the beach are the oyster shells that I convinced my brother-in-law and sister-in-law to save for me after their oyster feasts out on the town. 

I had no idea what I would ever do with my pile of shells but knew that inspiration would come...and it did! I spotted these designer shell mirrors. Bingo!

I've seen many shell mirrors out there that I've grown tired and bored with. But this one makes a great statement. It's more of a random pile of  many different kinds of shells and textures which keeps things interesting.

All you need is shells, a round mirror (I purchased mine for $5. at my favorite junk shop), some Amazing Goop (glue), and some matte white spray paint.

First arrange your shells around and on top of your existing mirror frame. Be sure that you have enough to cover the frame and more (to give it a bit more dimension). 

Once you have decided on a potential arrangement, pull your shells off to the side and start your gluing. You'll want to set up in a spot that you can dedicate to this project for about 2 days as the glue needs to set prior to moving the piece.

Just glue 1 shell at a time. Be careful to find the points of contact between the shell and the spot you are gluing on prior to putting the glue on to your shell because in some cases there may only be 2-3 small areas on the shell that you are depending on to hold you want to get that glue in the right places.

Amazing Goop glue is easy to work with, you just need a little bit, and it is stronger than steel. You could also use E-6000 glue, but I chose the Goop because the fumes were milder and I wanted to give it a try after so many recommendations.

I would suggest gluing your first layer of shells, let the glue set all day or overnight, and then start gluing random piles of shells upside down and in different directions to give it a more random feel. 
Once your frame of shells is complete and you've let it cure for at least 24 hours, you can cover and tape off the mirror to prepare for spray painting.

Use short back and forth spray strokes in order to get good coverage without drips. You can spray one light coat, wait 20 minutes and then go back with a second light coat. Just continue this process until your shells are evenly covered.

Now just hang it in a prominent spot so you can admire it along with all the memories of collecting the shells.

Have a great weekend...Lori