I had a FANTASTIC vacation, in the water, on the beach, and also visiting a shipping container. It was so tasty!

While at the beach, my son found a great new shipping container that had opened as a waffle shop in Carlsbad (North San Diego County).

He insisted I return with him to taste the chocolate chip waffle sandwiches which sounded awful to me, but I was game.

Oh My God! They were delicious! You need a waffle iron that makes thin waffles as opposed to a belgian waffle iron (which I currently have in my kitchen), so I plan to find one as soon as possible to make these for special occasions.

Just spread melted butter on half the hot-out-of-the-iron waffle, sprinkle it with chocolate chips, add a bit of whip cream, and place the other half on top. Simple!

Not only were the waffles good, but the shipping container that housed this little operation, with a line around the block, was genius. What a great way to use empty lots in the middle of a big city or a beach town.

San Francisco also has some recently opened shipping containers in the hip Hayes Valley.

Between Fell and Linden Streets on Octavia, what previously used to be a large empty lot has a few new containers housing

Smitten Ice Cream, which you really should try. Each scoop is made to order while you watch. From cream to ice cream in a super fast nitrogen whipping and cooling process.

The Biergarten is also in a shipping container there serving gourmet German bratwurst and sausages as well as great German beers.

They're serving delicious food, they're fun, they're closed during rain...so go now and try them!

Make a day of it, shop on Hayes Street and be sure to check out Cisco Home, Lotus Bleu, Propeller, and all the other great shops on Hayes.

Have a great weekend...Lori