...the electrical wire, that is.

What can you do with some old grapevine and a little electrical wire? 

Make a unique, modern yet rustic table or mantle light!

All you need is some colorful wire,



a socket for one end of the wire,



a plug for the other end of the wire,

a fabulous old Edison Filament Bulb,

and your in business.

just wind your wire through and/or around the grapevine until you are satisfied with the look, then you attach both your socket and your plug. Electrical wire comes in so many fun colors (gold, blue, red, orange, green). You can even choose the finish of your socket (unfinished brass, antique brass, white black, etc).

I usually get my electrical supplies from Grand Brass online. They have a fantastic variety to choose from and great prices as well.

For this project I used:
Wire #W118POR
Socket #S06B2
Plug #PL48643BR
Bulb #BUEF1910