...the world would be a better place. 

If you're looking for a little something different for your Valentine on February 14th, I'll share a few items that might be fun.

A great little speaker/stand for your Valentine's iPhone. The very simple and retro style speaker can be set up anywhere at anytime. Before you know it you'll be doing the Tango where you least expect to. "The Bullhorn" comes neatly wrapped up in a number of colors for only $10.

Another sophisticated and stylish accessory for your iPhone would be this great simple leather case. It just doesn't get much more basic than this. So much more refreshing than plastic! It runs from $28. to $38. depending on the color you choose.

I've been on the hunt for an old fashioned soap and brush shaving set for my Valentine. There are lots of fancy and very pricey ones out there, but this luxury shave set is perfect and such a deal at $32.

Never rule out my favorite gift of all...

Chocolate! After all, regular consumption of dark chocolate keeps your heart healthy.