As my child has aged, I tend not to decorate indoors for Halloween anymore. I keep the scary, creepy, and fun stuff on the front porch for the little visitors on Halloween night. But I still love a good table centerpiece!

This one has a more elegant Halloween feel and its super easy to do. Just cut the top off a green pumpkin (a small top the size of a drinking glass opening...3-4" in diameter), hollow out a cylinder size area of the pumpkin (so you can actually slide a glass or small jar right down in there), and now you have a pumpkin vase!

Tulips and some greens look fantastic in there. Remember to always put your greens in first and then evenly distribute your flowers.

Ranunculus are also a good choice. You really can't go wrong with anything. I'm going to try 3 pumpkins grouped with tulips.

You can also add a few painted pumpkins to the mix. You don't even have to carve them. These are sprayed with Krylon's Looking Glass Paint (available at Michael's or your local hardware store),

Or use a bright unexpected color...or just use the beautiful orange they already come in!

All of this is super easy to do and you and your friends can enjoy your table for several days during the scary season.

Have a great weekend...Lori