Looks fabulous on one of your blank walls, and is only $8. if you do it yourself in black and white!

Large photographic images can be stunning in a home.

They work in kitchens,

living rooms,

and your kids rooms.

Just pick a digital image that you have taken, load it onto a thumb drive (flash drive), take it over to your local large office store like Office Max or Office Depot, give them your thumb drive and ask them to make the largest "engineer print" that they can. A 4' x 5' print will be approximately $8.

Stop on the way home at your local art supply store (Blick is a good one) for a large piece of foam core.

Mount your "engineer print" on to your foam core with either double stick tape or spray adhesive,

Cut the foam core to the exact size of your print, place some poster hangers on the back, paint your edges red, white, or black, and you're ready to roll.

You can also use an online site to do color prints. One that is very reasonable is Wizardprints.

Another option for mounting, is to cut the print into equal parts (3 to 5 side by side or 9 to 16 in a grid pattern) and purchase Ikea frames (either edgeless or with black or white frames) , take the mattes out, place the image pieces in your frames, and hang them close together. An altogether different and fun look.

Have fun!
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