Jean Prouvé, the french metalworker who was a self taught architect and designer, made incredible contributions to the design world. One of them being this very simple wall mounted metal lamp which is one of my favorite modern lighting designs.

If you study his designs you will see that because they celebrate simplicity, the feel of his designs can be created using basic materials that are easily accessed.

I think this small sconce would look great in pairs, flanking a sofa or even a bed. But don't stop here! You can just use different lengths of pipe to create one large fixture to swing over a large table.

First put together all of your supplies, all of which can be found at your local well stocked hardware store. For one sconce I used a 24" length of 1/2' copper pipe for the stem that is mounted on the wall, a 90 degree 1/2" copper  compression elbow (flanged at each end), and a 12" length of 1/2" copper pipe that extends out from the wall. (* If you are making a large fixture to hang over a table then use a 45 degree elbow in place of the 90 degree elbow)

Attach all of your pipe pieces (they will fit together very easily) and then thread your electrical wire through the pipe. You will need a long enough wire to hang down at least 4" from the pipe that extends from the wall (depending on the size of the bulb that you will be using), and also extends through the stem and down the wall to your outlet that you will be plugging in to. (* I use nylon covered cord because it looks great.)


Strip the ends of your wire that will be attached to the plug and wrap the wire around the plug screws (clockwise) The un-ribbed wire goes on the gold screw, the ribbed wire goes on the silver screw. Tighten the screws to hold the bare wire in place.

You are now ready to wire the porcelain socket on the opposite end where your bulb will hang. Thread the wire through the "strain relief", through the top of your socket, strip the ends, attach them to the screws and re-attach the parts of the socket.

Screw the strain relief into the top of your socket. This prevents the wires (that are attached to the screws) from bearing the weight of the socket and bulb.

If you prefer, you can always install a switch or dimmer on the electrical line just below the pipe bottom. I did, dimmers are amazing for creating different moods and light levels and they are so easy to install. Just follow the package directions.

Your sconce is done! All you need to do now is attach it to the wall. To do this, just use two 1/2" copper pipe clamps. Have someone hold your sconce against the wall while you use two screws to place each clamp.

One of the great things about this sconce is that it goes together VERY easily and it also swings from side to side!

Try it!...Lori 

PS...I have included links for all the parts in case you can't make it to the hardware store. Also, I decided to use a large clear 60 watt globe but there are also many others to choose from. The hardware store will cut the copper pipe to any length you would like for about 30 cents per cut. The materials for this sconce set me back about $9. Such a deal!