**Please note that Lori and I changed the time for this event.  For more details, please visit the Meetup page.**

Do you have a blank wall that is begging for something unique, or is it time to finally put a lamp on that bedside table to complete the look or help you to read at night? Join Lori and me on March 6th at the acclaimed Alameda Antiques Point Faire to search for fabulous finds and treasures; plus, get tips from us on how to re-purpose or restore any item you might find!

For more info, please visit our page at Meetup.com where you can also sign up to receive news about other events or workshops we're planning like:

- making simple and elegant covered tables and shelves
- making and wiring your own chic table lamps
- creating stylish branch lights
- making your own design inspiration board 
- creating your own new floor plan with your inspiration board
- create your own beautiful large abstract works of art
- decorating project ideas for Christmas 2011