Greens are so simple, elegant, and inexpensive for the holidays! 

I don't usually start decorating this early, but my family wanted a little more time to enjoy the holiday feeling in our own home this year.

All you need is:

2-3 Branches. I used dried Manzanita but Curly Willow or any other tree branch off the street will look great!


 2 leafy branches with a small berry or blossom,


Cedar, Juniper, or Pine branches. 4-5 will do ( I used Cedar),


3 Eucalyptus branches (for the silvery green),

A few pine cones to tuck in at the base of the arrangement.

Greens can really make a beautifully dramatic statement. The best part? It requires no water! All of these greens will dry in place.

 A few hints...
  • If the mouth of your vase is too wide, crumple and roll a brown paper grocery bag into a long "snake" and wrap it inside the mouth of your vase to support the branches.
  • Then use the branches to support your greens.