Have you ever crawled into bed without your valentine and frozen because they're not there to warm up your toes or preheat your side?

I have, and I've always wished there was something to do for that extra warmth to put me to sleep. Maybe your valentine could also use something for those extra cold evenings. Here is the very simple snuggly DIY solution.

A soft and warm hot water bottle. Low tech? Yes! 

Just purchase one hot water bottle at your local pharmacy and a half yard of faux fur (or any other fabric of your choice).

Fold your fabric in half (finished edge to finished edge), place your hot water bottle on top (with the bottom of the bottle at the fold) and adjust the fabric so that one of the finished edges just reaches past the top of the hot water bottle.

Place the right side of the bottle a half inch from the right edge and then cut the excess fabric on the left edge leaving a half inch there as well for the seam. Cut one of the top edges a half inch past the finished edge that is in the correct position. Then pin both right and left sides together and fold the top edge of the unfinished side over a half inch and pin.

First finish the one raw edge on top by sewing the edge that is pinned and folded over. Next sew both sides together.

You will be left with what looks like a miniature pillow case. The top side will be open.

Trim the right and left side edges and if you are using faux fur, shake it well outside to get all of the fluff off.

Turn your water bottle cover right side out and insert the bottle.

Find the neck of the bottle.


Tack on (only in one spot) a leather shoe lace (that you can get at a shoe repair shop) by slip stiching it to your hot water bottle cover. 

Then wrap the leather lace around the neck and tie it in a bow.

Voila...You're done!  It's so easy

Stay warm...Lori