I have always wanted lots of counter space.  More specifically, cutting board space to slice and dice without the onions and garlic falling off the board and lodging between my toes and the tomato juice dripping over the edge.  

House Beautiful (like the simplicity)


Despite having remodeled my kitchen 9 years ago with the achieved goal of lots more counter space (even putting in all under counter refrigerators so as not to lose that precious 30” of horizontal counter heaven), I still want more!

Elle Decor


My kitchen is just the right size, but certainly too small for an island. I’ve contemplated a number of options only to dismiss them after brewing about them for months.  Clearly they were all wrong or else I would have done something. You see, once I am sure of a plan, there is no stopping me! 

OK Artist Studio Workshop


Bingo! I stopped by Crate and Barrel Outlet today to do a quick run-through for clients and spotted a giant cutting board leaning up against the wall in the corner of the back room.  It looked like a big butcher block counter that would top an island! Apparently one of their prefabricated kitchen islands had been damaged, so they were selling the top only! For $24.99!

Holy Cow!.....This piece of horizontal heaven was coming home with me. The possibilities are endless!  Stay tuned and you’ll find out (next week) one way of making your own movable kitchen mini island (or giant cutting board). 

Meanwhile, there were certainly other gems to be had at Crate and Barrel Outlet:

These two “Claremont Occasional Tables” of cast steel have a great texture and finish. They are only missing a piece of glass and some foot pads. They are regularly $449, but they were on sale for $139 each. It would only cost about $50 to get glass and footpads for both.

These bright red enameled stools were looking pretty sweet for extra counter seating at $59.

Possibly the best deal of all were these high gloss thick white enamel shelves for $7 a piece.  These could be used "as is" for shelving or even as fabulous occasional table tops. You could also put two of these together to make one large square coffee table perhaps juxtaposed on a gnarly wood base. 

Uh oh... I may have to go back… for someone else of course!