Last week at the Alameda Antiques Market and Faire I found a fun fish basket (panier de poissons) that I thought would make a great pendant light. It’s a unique shape and material, and it should cast a very interesting light through the metal wire which will create fun shadows on the wall. Making a pendant light is VERY EASY to do. You can transform almost anything into a pendant once you know the basics. So here’s how!

Materials you will need:

 1. 3 feet or longer piece of covered wire
 2. switchless light socket (brass)
 3. 2 plastic nipples

 4. Ceiling canopy, plate, screws, and knobs, to attach to your ceiling electrical box

 All this can be found at Omega Too on San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley.

Pry the end cap off your socket with the flat head of a screwdriver. Put aside


Slide the socket out with your fingers, put aside the socket and the metal casing.



Strip about 4/5" of insulation off each wire. Twist the wires and curve them in a clockwise direction. Attach the wires to the screws and screw them in tightly.


Push metal casing back on the socket, feed the wire through the cap and snap on metal cap.


Slide one of the plastic nipels down the wire until it reaches the socket. Screw the nipel into the end of the socket.


Feed the wire through your basket and attach the wire to the top handle of the basket by wrapping twine around the wire and basket handle, tying off, and clipping the ends.


Unscrew the two pieces of your second plastic nipple and feed the wire through the outside nipple piece.

Place your pendant canopy (what will attach your pendant to your ceiling electrical box) through the wire and place over the threaded end of the nipple you have just put on.

Take the inside piece of the nipple that you have left and thread your wire through. Slide this piece down and screw into the end of your nipple that is protruding through the canopy.

Strip about 4/5” of insulation off each wire.


You are now ready to install your new panier de poissons and let there be light!

I think that 3 of these Panier de Poissons would be great over a rustic dining table or even a kitchen island.